“Mohinish writes STELLAR copy

Mad copywriting skills and brilliant ideas

count your sales

“ideal choice to provide copy that really sells


Would you like to have an unfair advantage for your business?

Yes, isn’t it?

Magnetic Copy Attract More Leads And More Sales

Your business thrives on leads and sales. Isn’t it?

And you can attract more leads by a good copy. Or maybe you have a brand new product or service and want to start with a bang.

Or, maybe you need crunchy copy for your clients…

In any case, you know your copy is just an idea…

Ideas have the real power! Ideas rally. Ideas engage.

Ideas make war.

Words make them impactful.

Here’s an angry copy:



Ideas create miracles. Magical ideas.

This is another example:



Why you need the absolute best copy for your business?

For starters, the ideas and words used in the copy make those sales and keep the money rolling in.

Bad Copy turns people off

Am I the only one who can’t imagine “quad”, “octa-core processor”? What do “AMOLED” and “Snapdragon” even means?


Good Copy seduces…

But… I can imagine what has changed… AND Watch the film



(Nice copy!)

And you know which one is a rage…

Hi, this is Mohinish Nirwal…

And I can make out how can you get more sales…

The answer is your copy. When the copy is tasty it attracts leads like flies on Pizza. And when it stinks no mortal looks at it but pests.

My Testimonials

Here is a feedback snapped up from Upwork.com (a community to hire freelancers).


“… mad copy skills”

Another one?


“Count your sales…”


And, this one:


“Great… I ever worked with”

Again 5-star testimonial:



“Ideal choice to provide copy that really sells”



Top Rated

What can you do to make your business irresistible?

Invest in a seductive copy.

That engage your readers like their iPhone, youtube music (Does this web page engage you? See you’ve read this far)

I’m sure you have noticed that I’ve the skill, samples and motivation to back up claims. I agree it’s hard to hire a stranger, sitting thousands of miles away from you, expecting he’ll do an excellent work on tight deadlines.

So, give you the full confidence in dealing with me I give you full 100% money-back guarantee. I’m sure that’ll put your mind at ease. If you’re ready for that strategic sales copy that gets you more sales…

Take a look at my portfolio here and… Let’s discuss your profitable copy.

Simply, book an appointment at Calendly here  and we’ll get on skype (mohinish.nirwal). Or if you prefer email, then send me project details on nirwal.mohinish (at) gmail.com.

Remember, you don’t stand to lose anything… but the gains for your business can be enormous!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Mohinish Nirwal
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