Sleazy Sales Copy

You know “sales” is often thought of as a dirty game. Domain of hyperbole people.

They often produce this kind of crap:

horrible copy

The kinds of client they ATTRACT stays for a short term. They’ve a high cost of doing business. And they may even go out of profits.

Do you want such crap? No.

Sales as Service

Actually, I help people live a better life.

Management author, Jim Collins, in his epic book Good to Great noted:


Greatness creates this copy as a result (see the deep understanding of the audience):

great copy

“… without being someone you’re not.” Amazing!!

And the result: $20,000 per month by the 2nd copy in the 1st year of operation (Sarah Jones of Introvertedalpha).

Selling without selling your soul.

I’m the kind of guy who believes in producing 1st class copy.

IMG_20160211_140255 - Copy - Copy









Here’s a verified testimonial: 






How can I help you?

These following services might make your business grow — KA-CHING!

* Sales letters,

* Emails,

* Articles.


All at the same time ensuring:

• your work delivered ON-TIME,

• your brand always looks SEXY, royal…


Now, you can spend some more time with your family or concentrate on expanding your business.

Talking about family here is my wife, Reena:

DSC00677 - Copy

And now my eight-months-old son… Manan










See doors locked, no distraction, ready to hit the keys and create a classy copy for your business…


Thank you,


Mohinish Nirwal

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See you soon.